You can’t be one of the best freelance videographers in Jacksonville without the experience to show for it. Some video producers specialize in certain niches, like medical marketing, automotive, retail, or restaurants, but few have experience in different niches. I have the experience of producing effective videos in all of these industries and a lot more, including education videos, commercials and fundraising videos for non-profits, videos for manufacturers, jewelers, publications like regional and national magazines, and much more.

Every video project may be unique, but the same winning formula holds true for each of the “Five P’s” of successful video production. Each of these P’s represent a distinct phase in the process of not only getting a successful video made, but edited and delivered as planned.

  1. Preparation
  2. Planning
  3. Pre-production
  4. Production
  5. Post-production

Your audience knows context and when you’re “cheaping out”

There are many different types of videos, some are much easier and less time consuming to produce than others, of course. Many small companies may want to produce videos themselves, after all, everyone with a smart phone has a fairly decent camera so why not try?! These days, we’re used to seeing field reporters show up on CNN or Fox News, reporting on some story from some faraway place via Skype or Facetime. Often, these gritty reports are the only way the major news outlets can deliver some interviews, no matter where these field reporters are, they can call into the Skype with their audio out of sync or suddenly their picture frozen. It relays a feeling of immediacy, which is great, if the reporter is in some third world country during a civil war.

But your company is likely not in a country where the Internet has been ravaged by civil war, most of your audience understands context so it might be advantageous if the quality of your video and audio is at a point where it leaves not only a positive impression on the view but it also doesn’t become a distraction. Also, people understand context of how a video was produced, if you deliver something so cheap and of poor production quality, you may create more harm than good for your company’s brand and image, especially if the audience comes away knowing you just went on the cheap.

Advice from one of the best freelance videographers in Jacksonville: Looking to make company web videos on the cheap? At least pay attention to your sound!

Certain videos are okay in this format, but for the love of your own future marketing and organization’s image, use a decent microphone in your otherwise very amateur video shoot! If nothing else, allow the viewers of your video to at least understand what you’re saying. Clear audio can really improve the overall perception of quality of your video, even shaky, amateur phone videos will seem much more palatable if people can understand what the subject is saying without a lot of needless background noise. After all, what is background noise but a major distraction and what should you avoid to get your marketing message and points across?

Distractions are every video’s enemy!

This is why quality of your video production is important, it takes A LOT of care to make the subject the focus of attention.  A well-produced video allows the viewer to focus on the subject without the distractions caused by poor video production quality, like shaky cameras, poor audio, amateurish and poorly designed graphics, and untimely edits and cuts.

A well produced video eliminates most distractions so your message is sent and received as clearly as possible.  Since video is so effective in conveying your company stories and marketing information, good video production quality is the highest form of web content optimization you will ever invest in!

Looking for freelance videographers in Jacksonville

We shoot everything in HD and have all the field equipment needed to supplement your existing video productions or be your total video production solution!  If you are looking for freelance videographers in Jacksonville, we have the flexibility and experience working with broadcast television stations and helping other ad agencies.  If you are a small  company or non-profit, we offer affordable rates and can help turn your great ideas into reality.  Click here to view our local video production rate card.

The marketing department was looking for a “metallic and industrial style” to their three-letter logo.  Once we received the logo in vector format as an Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file, we put together a concept based on this client’s input.  “Make it look metallic, make it do something to come into the scene, then have it come to rest.  We plan on using it to consistently brand videos pertaining to our corporate logo.”

Well, not much to go by.  Conceiving a new logo and corporate identity package is challenging enough, but for video producers and animators, it’s very challenging to glean the visual tastes and expectations from a client.  Videos and animations d0n’t exist in just two dimensions like flat print logos, they don’t even exist in  just three dimensions, like a static 3D model, but we’re dealing with four dimensions — the extra dimension of time!

I’ve had hundreds of clients I’ve produced 3D animations for, including here in Northeast Florida from Saint Augustine, through Jacksonville, FL up to Fernandina Beach, and in my 14 years doing 3D animation, not one refused to pay or complained they didn’t get what they asked for.  The funny thing is, most people who want a 3D animation, especially a logo animation, didn’t provide much guidance or details about what they wanted in the first place — in fairness, they couldn’t really, because it didn’t exist before!

There’s a reason for that — video is much more complex than flat, two-dimensional images that don’t ever need to move, change, or transition into another scene.  In this creative business, you have to be able to manage expectations and have a high level of uncertainty, especially when dealing with new people you don’t have a history producing anything creative with.

Four dimensions instead of two?

When working with organizations on videos, there’s a lot more preparation and details to consider than designing a print ad, or coming up with an ad campaign concept.  That’s okay, video production experts not only need to be professionals at their craft, they need to help business owners and organization leaders without much video or multimedia experience turn their concepts and visions into tangible results they’ll be happy to use as intended.  Feedback and details about how they want a video to look and those intangibles they want the video to convey — tone, mood, etc, can often lead to much higher production quality results, but some companies know they need something and don’t know where to begin.  I’ve encountered dealing with people from both extremes and each has their challenges and strengths.

The marketing professionals who may not have a clear vision of the details are usually more willing to be open to suggestions, leading to more possibilities to be more creative.  They know they need something clean and professional to help brand their company and they’re willing to leave the rest up to an expert in the production of visual media.

We try to observe the culture and understand the nature of the message the video will need to convey, we look through their identity and other marketing materials to capture the essence.  I know, sounds deep, sounds like a lot of fluff, but capturing the spirit of an organization in 30 seconds or even short if it’s not a TV commercial, is a complex concept.

On the other hand, working with people experienced in working with multimedia who provide clear details about what they are looking for have done their homework and so there’s less resistance because they’ve cleared the path of expectations throughout the organization already.  This leads to faster production and turnaround and, admittedly, these type of 3D animation projects could bring down production time so much this upfront preparation and extra directorial creative guidance is worth considering providing 3D animation services at a discount.

Getting a 3D logo animation for a  company is a process

Short logo animations like the 3D logo animation above can’t be expressed in a simple timeline script.  Providing 3D animation services for over 14 years nationally and throughout Florida, I’m happy to say the demand is growing.  As many marketing arms of all types of businesses realize creating visuals for things in 3D is attainable.  Imagine a new home construction builder who has some great plans but no models yet, or they sold their model home to a resident who wouldn’t take too kindly having a video production crew taking videos of their homes.  A 3D model can always be reused, a new color put on the walls, walls removed, pools in the backyard added, all without actually building anything physically.

The sky isn’t even the limit for 3D!

There are no limits to 3D, for business, creatives, or just hobbyists.  What about an inventor of a new product that’s waiting to be manufactured?  An ad agency that wants to show a “proof of concept” through 3D pre-viz (pre-visualization)?  A company who wants to break out into some immersive VR (Virtual Reality) presentations at an upcoming trade show?  A new medical procedure that a company like Arthrex wants to sell the proper devices and equipment to doctors to help save patients’ lives?

Storyboards, rough sketches of main motion, events and transitions in a video are helpful, along with looking at some samples together that are similar to the consensus what an organization is looking for, but 3D modelling and animations for business is exploding as more realize the age of Star Trek is already here!


Check out this high-end jewelry store TV commercial I conceived, wrote and co-produced.  One of the goals of this video was to remind people that a lot of the jewelry from Riddle’s Jewelry was made in America, that they were a family business, and that they actually care about their customers.  That’s a lot to express in 30 seconds!

Build and reinforce the brand

It’s no secret, companies who have enough money to spend on advertising cannot afford to experiment with unclear, fuzzy, unfocused messaging.  Advertising is an integral part of marketing and the messaging must be clear, reinforce to the public your company’s image, while achieving the goal of persuading viewers to remember and act based on the marketing message.  In this case, this ad ran alongside other, more specific calls to action, but this was a brand reinforcement campaign that was meant to reinforce the Midwestern loyalty to American-owned companies while differentiating Riddle’s from the competition, especially those jewelers like Kay’s and Zale’s that don’t manufacture jewelry in the U.S. or are even owned outright by Americans.

I was also the managing director that lead the launch of their Magento E-commerce site, which this company is still using, its original theme, concept and layouts.  This site was launched with a lot of technical help from another web developer, Kevin Kumpf, who I cannot praise enough as an excellent web ninja on so many levels!  One reason I recommended to move to Magento, besides it was much more SEO friendly at the time, was my insistence in using a theme that would accommodate mobile devices seamlessly.  At the time, according to Google Analytics, 38% of all visitors were on smart phones and the trend was steadily increasing.  I suspect now it’s more than 60% and they sell almost as much on their site to smart phone users as desktops.  Imagine where this jewelry retailer would be with web sales and steadily increasing competition had I not moved them to this platform back in 2012?

Perhaps your company or organization is looking for someone with over 22 years of marketing, media production, and business-building experience?   I am currently available for freelance.  Are you ready for a fresh perspective, someone who can challenge the status quo in a positive, team environment?

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