Experienced Video Production in Jacksonville, Florida and Surrounding Areas

We offer fast editing services for clients from around the world.  By the hour or longer term projects, we’re available!

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If you are looking for on-site videography, we service the Northeast part of Florida and the Southeast part of Georgia from Jekyll Island, Jacksonville, to St. Augustine.

Prices below are as 1/1/2024 but are subject to change at anytime.

Are you looking for experienced video production?  Perhaps you just need another videographer on a scheduled shoot?  Extra help editing a long-format project?  

We also offer special pricing for non-profits!  We have the experience of growing many types of businesses with effective marketing strategies beyond just video production.

Please no calls about weddings!  Qualifying non-profits will be steeply discounted and for certain companies we will gladly work on trade, especially for established restaurants and home services!

Aaron Belchamber & Staff on Location


Rates include: One highly experienced videographer with HDSLR video camera with 18-55mm & 55 - 200mm wide lenses, tripod, studio quality XLR stereo mic with separate sound recording, use of lights and stands, doorway dolly and transfer of all video files to your own storage/network. Need a director for larger scale video production? Rates are commensurate with project and level of responsibility.

Here is a breakdown of our basic video production service rates:


Rates include:  Fast and professional editing of existing footage or creation of animations in choice of 24, 30  or 60 FPS.  Transfer of final videos will be made digitally on our secure website.  Physical transfers on media like DVDs are available at added cost.

Non-profits can benefit with STEEP DISCOUNTS! We also will consider a market value trade in products and services for smaller companies!  We found this is a win-win that builds great relationships!

Live Video Shoots in Jacksonville, Florida:

$35 Travel fee + $95 per hour
Minimum 2 hours

Live Video Shoots in Fernandina Beach, Ponte Vedra or St. Augustine:

$75 Travel fee + $95 per hour
Minimum 3 hours

Video Editing with Graphics & Animation:

$95 per hour
Minimum 1 hour

3D Animation:

We no longer use Autodesk 3Ds Max, we’ve moved to Blender v4+ as we’ve found it’s just as capable.  If you don’t agree, I’ll be glad to discuss!

$95 per hour
Minimum 4 hours

Other Media Services

Script Writing:

We know how to integrate a company’s marketing objectives into realistic and attainable videos based on your production budgets.  Let us help you translate your marketing concepts into video scripts that are innovative while still actually being realistic, executable, and affordable.

Price contingent on scale of project.  Please call for a free quote.

Video Marketing Plans:

Looking for new video marketing campaign ideas for the web, events you host, or for television?  We have decades of experience integrating many different organizations’ marketing objectives into videos and can help you develop a campaign with a series of individual videos to help amplify your marketing messaging.

Let us help you translate your advertising concepts into video scripts that are executable while reusing certain elements like graphics and animations to reduce future production costs.

Price contingent on scale of project.  Please contact us for a free quote by filling out the form below!

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