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Latest Video Playlist

Aaron Belchamber photo

Hi my name is Aaron Belchamber.  I started in media production as a graphic designer in 1995.  Since then, I’ve produced hundreds of videos, animations and other digital marketing materials.  View my Upwork profile.

I have over 25 years experience with the Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut, Autodesk 3Ds Max, Blender, among other tools.  I am a proud member of the Blender Studios community.  I leverage my senior cloud software engineering experience and set up my own render farms including Backburner and Blender’s Flamenco.

Here is an event loop video for Chiropractors Economics Magazine, Jacksonville FL.  As a freelance videographer, video editor and 3D animator I produced all the shots, animation, editing, and even the closed captioning.

Latest Animations

Next Day Videos, a video production company in Jacksonville, Florida, needed a logo animation to show off another “ready-to-go” customizable logo animation that they can sell to their clients. This is great for opens, intros, outros where a company wants to add a new “twist” on their logo. Available in HD for less than $100, not bad!

This 3D animation was made in Blender as a reusable and customizable template for different coffee cafes.  Jacksonville Coffee Cafe is just a sample logo to show off the different elements in this animation that can be quickly customized with other company’s logos, colors, etc.

Everything in this video is customizable through Next Day Videos.

The Social Distance Shuffle - PSA

Having some fun, here’s a Public Service Announcement to remind people to wear their masks and keep their social distance.

The song, music and video production are all my own.

Chiropractors & Medical

The Back Pain Institute had three locations in Fort Myers, I wrote, shot and directed along with my team to produce this infomercial and TV spots.

Dr Mel Youngs Chiropractor and Wellness Spa needed TV spots, longer form videos, and movie theater ads.

The Back Pain Institute’s infomercial aired along the Southwest Florida coast.  It’s a little dated but we squeezed a lot out of their small budget.

Local Businesses, Restaurants & Jewelry Stores

Community Developers

I shot promo videos for real estate communities from Naples Florida all the way up the east coast to North Carolina.  Interviews of happy employees and great, authentic testimonials from happy home buyers proved to be an effective sales tool! – Aaron Belchamber

Videos for Non-Profits, Podcast Promotions & More!

I produced a lot of different videos for non-profits at discounted rates and was happy and proud to be a part of organizations that did so much positive work for the community.  Some of these were shoot, edit and get on air within just a few days!  – Aaron Belchamber

A national magazine started a podcast, they called me and it was a lot of fun working with them.

Sometimes you’re given footage with bad audio that you have to edit together.  If I had more time I would have liked to process and clean the audio better.  I suggested reshooting but it wasn’t in their budget so you squeeze what you can to make it look as professional and national as possible within the time you have!

3D Animations

Explainer videos can be a bit boring so adding some graphic elements that keep the pace up and the viewers’ attention while still getting your point across is definitely a challenging and fun balancing act!  – Aaron Belchamber