Screenshot Restoration Advertising New Restoration Services TV Spot For Sale was a site I launched in 2003 and since then we have helped over 25 disaster restoration companies increase their phone calls and sales through impactful and memorable advertising that helps smaller remediation and repair companies stand out in their local market with ready-to-go TV commercials and websites.  Our “Super Hero” TV commercials alone have aired in New Hampshire, San Francisco California, Georgia, Florida, New York, Virginia, South Dakota, Nebraska, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Minnesota and Canada.

For small restoration companies on a budget, we help them stay consistently in public view through strategic marketing initiatives based on costs per impressions, traffic measurements and other market research.  We’ve created local marketing campaigns that included super hero billboards, post card mailings, signs and fleet truck graphics.

No one plans to use you, nor do they ever want to

No one plans on needing to call a disaster cleanup (sometimes referred to as “kleenup”) company because people just can’t plan on a disaster like a home flood, fire, storm damage or an infestation of mold.

TIP #1: Since such events can’t be scheduled, you have to market your company all year round and be sure you are easy to find online and get hold of on any mobile device.

This puts companies who offer services like home water remediation, water clean-up, mold remediation, storm  and wind damage repairs in a unique marketing situation that is often challenging.  So how do you stay top-of-mind so when a person discovers their house was flooded they’re going to want to call YOU first?  You may have other questions we can help answer, like how much investment will penetrating your local market and staying on top require?

You have to assess your infrastructure then prioritize

Before spending a dime on advertising and marketing initiatives, you need to make sure your current infrastructure, especially when it comes to handling inbound calls and customer service.  Is your team trained and diligent?

TIP #2: The most important question before you try to get your phone ringing more through marketing is:  Do you have enough people to answer incoming calls and respond to any web estimates promptly?  Don’t bother increasing your market presence if your answer is ‘no’ — fix your customer service first!

Our “top-of-mind advertising strategy” is simple:  Stand out and be memorable


This is a simple solution we’ve applied to many different businesses in many different markets.  Sometimes, in certain markets it only takes $1,000 per month TV advertising budget and another $300 on radio to maintain a market presence and at least be in the conversation if not top-of-mind for people in your market.  In other markets, the cost can be substantially higher, it just depends.

We have the experience to work within your advertising budget and as experienced media-buyers we can arrange the optimal TV and radio schedules for you.

Your marketing strategy starts on TV and radio, but the web is growing in influence

Especially mobile!  Over 50% of your inquiries come from people on their smart phone.  Is you website mobile-friendly?  If not, the number of calls and web estimate forms you will receive will be substantially reduced!

TIP #3: Fix your website and make it mobile-friendly before putting money in TV and radio advertising!  Learn more by visiting Restoration Advertising’s Get A Website page.

To learn more about Restoration Advertising and how they can help your disaster restoration, mold remediation and storm repair company, visit their website at

Restoration Advertising New Restoration Services TV Spot For Sale

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