A collection of short videos will benefit your business in a variety of ways.  Of all forms of marketing messaging, videos are the most immersive and memorable to an audience.

What’s the big deal about video?

Compared to print ads, audio and radio ads, or web banner ads, video has the advantage of sustaining audience attention and uses a combination of sights and sounds to emphasize and reinforce the message while penetrating deeper into each viewer’s consciousness.  Other forms of advertising are static so even if a web banner ad counts as an impression, that just means it showed up on the page, it does not mean a person read it.  Videos can be tracked and counted only if a person clicked to play them, providing more accurate measures of real impressions.

Longer videos are considered more than two minutes long.  Long format videos can be effective, but they must convey either a level of entertainment or compelling information.  The diversity of online videos have changed peoples’ expectations of longer videos and made them more patient while lengthening their attention spans in selective situations.  Viewers will selectively have more patience for long videos if they know the contents will likely fulfill a need or expectation to learn new information they are interested in.  This underscores the importance of being clear about a video’s contents and benefits for the viewers.

Example of long format video
Example of short video


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Technology allowed video producers to not worry about the duration of a video

Before the internet, videos were consumed mostly through television, then corporate videos were distributed on VHS tapes, CDROMs, then DVDs.  Companies were stuck producing videos mostly for television so the commercials needed to fit within 1 minute, 30 second, 15 or even 10 second intervals.  The alternative back then was longer videos that would fill up a 30 minute slot, these prolonged commercials became known as “infomercials”.  Before video, only companies with big budgets could resort to shooting film presentations on projectors to reach audiences they could lure into conference rooms or theaters.

The internet completely eliminated the requirement of physical conveyance of media so production and distribution costs lowered substantially, giving many companies more flexibility to produce either higher-quality videos or more of them while giving other businesses access to this form of advertising for the first time because entrance barriers, like costly video production equipment and television advertising contracts weren’t necessary to produce videos and reach an audience.  With the lower cost of internet access to the public, every company website became a complete media distribution for a virtually unlimited supply of information, content, and advertising.

This change in the marketplace has revolutionized and empowered thousands of startups and entrepreneurs.  With a video camera and microphone built into so many devices, the potential to produce a video and reaching hundreds, thousands, even millions at no cost in production or equipment became a reality.

The immersive, memorable and impactfulness of video makes it the most effective advertising medium to date

Next to 3D games, videos are the most immersive of all media, as combining sights and sounds creates an experience for viewers that makes it most memorable and impactful.  Compared to the written message or a print ad with visuals, videos are much more effective at capturing a person’s attention, keeping it, and being recalled by viewers.  With all these advantages, it’s no wonder lower cost videos on the web are growing in popularity for all types of organizations, for profit and non.

A video can convey so much more information to a viewer with more effectiveness than any other form of communication except face-to-face.

Deciding what videos your company needs

If you are a company trying to “catch up” on the web and get some impactful videos on your site, here is a list of priorities we suggest you take to heart before calling us for any video production:

  1. Do you have a written business plan?  If not, work on where your company is going before getting a video produced, you need to be focused on the big picture first.
  2. Do you have a written marketing plan with a focus on 3, 6, 12 month goals?  A 3 year plan?  If not, shouldn’t you?
  3. Determine your budget and goals of your videos.

    You may require more than one video, it depends if you are selling multiple products or different types of services.  You will need to prioritize — what do you sell that would be most profitable to expand first?  Are you on the radar for the market you serve?  If not, your first priority should be immediate awareness to potential customers who don’t know who you are and what you do.

  4. Decide on a media distribution strategy.

    How are people going to know where to go to view your video?  How are you going to entice people to view your video — what’s in it for them?  How are you going to reach people who don’t seek you out to watch your video?

Still feel out of your element?

If you would rather spend time focusing on what you know best — your business, feel free to call us for a free consultation.  We can help you get focused and organized with an action plan that makes sense for your organization!

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