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I once interviewed with The Wounded Warrior Project, I thought I was a shoo-in

I definitely love the Wounded Warrior Project and other non-profit organizations that focus on helping veterans.  I look to volunteer through mentoring, helping guide veterans to different new career tracks, and I also provide steep discounts for freelance video production and editing for non-profits.  I’ve even provided services on trade for some local companies, gladly trading my video production and web services for restaurant tabs, pavers, and even a new roof!

As a former veteran I know how difficult the transition to civilian life can be.  I know what the business and labor market is like here as well.  Though I made it to the final interview round, I didn’t make it.  I ended up with a job that paid a lot more but the lingering regret that I was rejected made me sad.  Who was missing out more, them or me?  Who could I have helped and made a difference in their lives if I was chosen?

I certainly hope the person who got the job brought with them a passion for helping veterans that for me is there but strangely I see no outlet to help veterans with my skills as a senior video producer, editor and animator AND a senior software cloud engineer.

Jacksonville and Northeast Florida is a challenging job market

I work remotely for an amazing company, but far outside of the Jacksonville, Florida market.  Coming to Jacksonville from a different state, I quickly learned a lot about the employment marketing in Jacksonville but I won’t share much of my observations here but only feel I must stress that it is challenging to find work here.  Jacksonville and North East Florida in general is a highly-competitive labor market which underscores the real challenges veterans who end up in this market will encounter.  I know first hand what Jacksonville is like but after 10 years here I must say it’s a nice place to live but I’m not sure you’re going to work here!

Some dare to complain about the speculation, angel-investor, equity-backed, old-money, tight-knit, old-thinking business environment I’ve encountered throughout the Jacksonville area.  I will say Jacksonville is not as hospitable of a job market in many senses regarding pay and job security compared to similar markets throughout the US.  The disposable mentality towards workers seems disproportionate here.  I’ve heard it enough from fell software engineers, videographers and graphic designers that Jax is a pretty nice area to live and raise a family but in the professional career realm it’s frequently not what you know and how competent and trustworthy you are, it’s who you know.

Here was my pitch that got me to the final round of interviews along with some of the video samples you’ll find on my homepage.

HOOAH! Why choose Aaron for video?

I have over 20 years experience in video and media production as well as a deep understanding of how organizations can use powerful tools to leverage the web to scale and accomplish business priorities and goals.

We only have ONE chance to make a first impression!

You may have a great idea but how do you bring it all together? That’s where I come in!

When I was a crew chief and helicopter repairer in the U.S. Army, I started shooting video out the side of my aircraft for fun. It was great because I could share the experiences I had stationed overseas in Germany with my friends and family back home.

After 5 years of honorable service, I got out and started in the newspaper business as a graphic designer at the Cape Coral Daily Breeze. Believe it or not, I’ve had videos playing on websites since 1997! Thereafter, I started shooting local cable TV and have been producing videos for TV and the web ever since!