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Explainer Video – PC Liquidations

These explainer videos garnered almost a half million views — and counting!

With over 350,000 Youtube views and counting, PC Liquidations from Jacksonville, Florida has made a BIG splash!   JUMBO size!  PC Liquidations used this video to help explain the different quality grades of their laptops.  It was even played at the Jumbo Shrimp games on the stadium “jumbotron” monitors!

I also made a few other explainer videos of their different product lines, including monitors and desktop computers.  With only a few days to deliver, I helped them with the script and also provided all the graphics, animations, and background music.

If you have never heard of PC liquidations I encourage you to check them out online they offer excellent value of refurbished computers, monitors, and other peripherals.  They also provide free shipping passed a certain price threshold and can ship across the US and internationally.

You know the benefits of having a clear FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page on our website. It will reduce calls that tie up your sales and customer service, saving your company countless hours and letting your staff focus on what they do best! Explainer videos are like FAQs page but even better because with video you can tell and show more in less time, which will save your company even more time and money.
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Aaron Belchamber
25+ Years Business Growth Consultant (among other things)

Explainer videos are an effective way to communicate a lot of details to consumers. They help people visualize and understand quickly more useful information about the product or services a company has to offer.

I was just provided an outline with some bullet points, their logo in vector format, and some videos and stills of their product.  After a couple of back and forth proofs, we settled on this as a final product.

Small businesses can benefit from using the web to hire agencies from around the country to provide video production, editing and custom animations.  Since I  was provided images and some videos of the products, PCL saved time and money by reusing what they already had.

My job was to make their explanations presented in a way that could show people clearly the main takeaways.  These explainer videos saved their sales people and customer service reps a lot of time having to explain the details repeatedly to different customers.

Need a fast explainer video for your product or service?

FAQs sections of a website are very effective in reducing customer service calls. Imagine if your Frequently Asked Questions page also had easy-to-follow explainer videos that could reduce calls from confused customers?

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If you are looking for freelance video production, video editing or 3D animation services I offer creative and quick turnaround!  I’ve produced hundreds of videos, animations and other digital marketing materials like these explainer videos for broadcast, events and the web.  For companies from Fortune 300 to small, local Mom & Pops.

I have over 25 years experience with the Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut, Autodesk 3Ds Max, Blender, among other tools.  I am a proud member of the Blender Studios community.