Even if a community developer has all the right things going for them — location, real estate demand, positive community perceptions, they still need to promote and market their community.  A video draws in traffic not only from local people interested, but from all over the United States and even the world.  Our job was to produce videos that would be viewed by people who were interested in the community so they would be compelled to contact the home builder and learn more.

Selling a home in a new community also means stepping back and selling the larger community, the city, and the area in general.  Some videos we needed to feature not only the homes for sale and the amenities the home builders offered, we also had to inform potential home buyers who lived out of state or even lived in a different country about all the great benefits of living in a certain area, in this case, it was Sarasota, Florida.

When a community developer like Pulte Homes needed to expand their web footprint and deliver information about their new community at Majestic Palms, they called my company to shoot the video.  When you put people to a company’s name, you create a trusting connection with the viewer you can’t create in any other form of advertising.  It’s just that simple and that’s why these community developers used videos to persuade and inform potential home buyers and renters.