At a crossroadLike people, all organizations go through cycles during different periods of their lives.  Sometimes, one may feel overwhelmed by the growth or underwhelmed by their results.  Are your goals not meeting expectations?

Are your goals and expectations clearly understood and in line with your core mission?  Knowing something needs to change, perhaps you sense it needs to change drastically, isn’t the same as knowing what needs to change and how to change it.

You may sometimes recognize you are entering a new cycle for your organization, you are going through personnel changes, your client list is changing, or your existing clients’ needs already have changed.  Have you been able to adapt and capitalize on these changes?  Are you shifting your company efforts and resources to accommodate these changes or are you stubbornly keeping the same course, to hell with change?

Let us help you change course and capture as much wind from these new changes as possible.

Changes within and outside your company means there are new opportunities to capture new business or lose old business.  If you don’t see new opportunities that arise from these changes, you may miss out on future growth potential.  Maybe you feel like you’re doing everything right but you’d like someone with more technical expertise and a fresh perspective to help you see new ways you can cut costs or squeeze more profits from your current operations.

Are you looking for an impartial perspective from someone with experience?

It’s hard to know who you can trust, after all, how does a consultant make money if they give you free advice and you never call them again?  At some point, it’s taking a leap of faith, like learning to trust someone with your money.  Do you trust that your financial adviser is making recommendations based on your best interests or theirs?  We all hear similar stories about the financial adviser gambling with their clients’ money, or the business owner hiring a consultant to only find out later the consultant made recommendations designed to maximize profits for themselves at the expense of the business owner, or worse, ensnaring them into investing into expensive systems or platforms only the consulting firm conveniently is technically proficient in maintaining.  It’s easy for consultants to gamble with other people’s money if they lack the moral compass and commitment to honesty.

A different approach for a business and marketing consultant

We have a commitment to honesty, after all, it’s my name on this website.  Our first hour of consultation is always free, but that’s not the only thing that separates us from so many other business and marketing consultants out there.  Our approach is simple — we ask ourselves “What would we do if we were in your position?”  Depending on the type of organization you are and what your core mission is, we know we have to understand before we can recommend.  We are going to ask you questions, a lot of different questions, and depending on whether you choose to answer or can answer will determine where we go with you afterwards and the length we can provide you impartial and informed advise and perhaps guidance later.

– Aaron Belchamber

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