Real Estate Community Developer Videos: A perfect match between the web, home buyers, and real estate companies

Community Development companies like Pulte and Divosta Homes saw the advantage and return on their investment by including these videos that highlight the builder’s models and amenities while putting their personable sales staff to connect to a worldwide audience to help gain trust and lower those barriers of apprehension weary shoppers have of more sales pitches. Build trust, increase sales.

Highlight with video things pictures and phone calls can never do!

Please click the above thumbnails to view a small sample of our real estate community video collection.

Are you looking to get a community developer produced? We offer full high definition video services at professional quality and speed! Give me a call at the number below!

Aaron Belchamber
Video Production in Jacksonville, Freelance Marketing Director

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Aaron Belchamber

23 years of business-building marketing solutions and media production. A skilled creative writer, video producer, 3D animator, business systems architect, PHP web developer specializing in Symfony, Wordpress, Drupal and Magento.

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